Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shearon Van Riggins presents Scissor Sisters After Party

**New and improved with updated info**

Shearon Van Riggins presents SCISSOR SISTERS AFTER PARTY

FREE w/ ticket stub | $5 without
...obvi you don't have to go to the concert to come to the after party!

Wednesday, June 8 | 9 PM to close
@ Town (2009 8th Street NW)
Music by DJ Shea Van Horn (MIXTAPE) & DJ Aaron Riggins (WTF)

OOH! hey MARY. on Wednesday, June 8, the scissor sisters are playing at the 9:30 club, and for shearon van riggins, IT CAN'T COME QUICKLY ENOUGH. that's because we've got a WHOLE NEW WAY for you to party after the show and it goes SOMETHING LIKE THIS. after the show, follow the INVISIBLE LIGHT to town, which is just on THE OTHER SIDE of the street from the 9:30 club, so there's no reason not to come. you can TAKE YOUR MAMA to the party, we hear she gets off on SEX AND VIOLENCE, and there'll be plenty of both at the after party. so put on something soooo SKIN TIGHT that it leaves you COMFORTABLY NUMB. yea, we know it's a monday night, but we don't want to hear any bullshit like, "I DON'T FEEL LIKE DANCIN"...come ANY WHICH WAY you can.

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