Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Events around town.

Oct 7-23
Madama Butterfly
Feb 26-March 19, 2011

(Tickets 18$)
Oct 7-9
Sidney Harman Hall
Septime Webre's
The Nutcracker
Dec 2-26
Warner Theater (Tickets start at 31$)
Nov 3-7
John F. Kennedy Center (tickets start at 20$)

Awesome Street Art

I know this isn't Street art, but it is some kind of Art. I found it on the sidewalk on U St. Thought it would be funny to post it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Awesome Gadgets

Cell Phone Radiation Protection Cases
Cell Phone Radiation Protection Cases

Other BLOG

Hey Everyone be sure to check out my other BLOG (Brian Lempin's Photography BLOG)

Scenes from DC

Georgetown Theather

Downtown Freedom Plaza
in front of the Car Barn in Georgetown.
Columbia Heights DAY Festival


International Dining in DC

Flippin Pizza
1745 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009

Among all the Pizza parlors in DC, I think this one stands out (besides Vace). Their pizza is amazing, soft crust, not to greasy, and friendly staff. Check it out they opened a couple of months ago.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

International Dining in DC

Julia's is a must in DC, if your just leaving the bars or just want something to snack on for a munchie. they serve all sorts of empanada's for really cheap about 3$ each. My favorite is the Chorizo and the Jamaican style. There are four different locations in DC.

1904 14th Street NW

Policy opened about a year ago along 14th st. The downstairs looks like a chic Diner with black and red covering the walls and booths. upstairs is more airy with graffiti on the walls and chandliers hanging. the food is more appitzer and small plates. A bit on the mid expensive side, I would say.

Awesome Street Art

Monday, September 20, 2010

SPOT LIGHT: Erik Evans


ME: So tell me Where were you born and raised?

EE: I was born in Salisbury, MD and raised in Gumboro, Delaware.

ME: I'm being a little nosey, but I know you but I don't know you, Where do you work, What do you do?

EE: Currently, I work for FLIK International as a catering assistant. My background consists of a melting pot of jobs over the years. I’ve been a cashier, I’ve been a furniture delivery and repossession guy in the rent to own business, I’ve been a customer service manager, an associate trainer, I’ve been a hospitality and event coordinator with facilities maintenance mixed in. And now I’m on the search for my next profession change.

ME: Name three people dead or alive that you would want to meet.

EE: Fred Mercury, Lady Gaga, DJ Paulo!

ME: So it seems like you know everyone in DC at least in the gay community! and I have told you over and over I think you should be named King of 17th St. How do you stay so level headed in this community where their is so much drama, and hate towards each other.

EE: Brian, it’s funny you should ask that question because there’s a little joke about me that’s been going on for years. Several years ago, my friend Rich was visiting from Delaware for a weekend and we decided to have dinner on 17th street. By the time we actually made it to our destination, I’d stopped so many times to talk to people that he dubbed me “The Mayor of DuPont” that night. It caught on and is now said jokingly from time to time and to my frustration at social gatherings. I’ve never thought of myself as anything special or important in the grand scheme of things. So when people try to fluff my feathers (so to speak) I immediately feel the need to dismiss such pleasantries. A less humble person would likely enjoy having their ego stroked but I don’t and for very good reasons. Knowing so many people is a normal and natural process to someone living in DC for many years when you are a person who enjoys being social as I do. However, much to my dismay, sometimes people place me on some sort of imaginary pedestal and that can be cancerous. The result of this unfortunate practice is either A) people hate me when they don’t even know me, B) they consider me unapproachable, C) they want to be friendly for social gain and finally, D) They lose interest in me all together once they find out I’m actually just an average guy.

With that said, being level headed is increasingly more difficult for me. Especially when I have such a love everyone and live-let live personality. I live my life from the view point of “respect is not earned, only lost”. I’m painfully aware of how unlike the rest of the world I am but that’s just me.

ME: Your house party's are known around DC as the place to go. as we know your partys got so big you had to move your bday party to Efn Lounge, Drunkin messes your mixes playing, crowds on the street, cops showing up. Always fun. When is your next party! and would there be a theme?

EE: The next party is planned for this fall and will be the annual Autumn Extravaganza. The theme is “dress to impress”. So, come in your most Gaga-esque outfit, tux or hot fashion of some kind. The date is contingent upon my move into a bigger place. Currently, my apartment is just too small to handle my parties. The only reason I had the annual Summer party this year was because my current roommate had moved out and it provided me with the extra space needed. So long as I am able to find the new place and move in-time, the Autumn party will happen. You will definitely be getting an invitation Brian!

ME: Would you say that your Djing is still in an infant stage (Side project) that you just do to stay busy or would you like to do it full time!? and when are your nexts gigs?

EE: Yes, I would have to say that my Dj’ing is still in it’s infant stage. It’s been a hobby as far back as 2003 but I’m only now beginning to translate the hobby into a profession. I have so much left to learn but so far, critics say I’m not bad. I’ll take that as a compliment and continue to improve my skills. As for making it a full time profession, I don’t think that’s my future. I know I would enjoy it and have a blast doing it. However, there are too many obstacles in my life right now.

As for my next gigs:

September 20, 2010 - Indigo at Tabaq Bistro

September 22, 2010- POZ at Green Lantern

September 24, 2010- XXX:Code at The Crucible

ME: what so far has been your most unsual venue to dj and BEST?

EE: I would have to say that the most unusual gig and also the best was XXX:Code at The Crucible. It was the most unusual because I’d never been there before and it was a leather/gear fettish party similar to the annual Black Party in NYC except a little more subdued. What made it the best, however, is because I had to opportunity to play very dark and tribal house. It’s rare to have an opportunity to spin an event where that kind of music is perfect and I really like to play that stuff. Rule #1 of DJ’ing: Play the crowd.

ME: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

EE: I see myself having a more professional job again, buying my first home, hopefully coupled again…..I’ve been single for a long time but I’m waiting for love to find me. I’ve chased after boys for years and I’m not doing in anymore.

ME: Tell us something we don't know about you, that we maybe surprised to hear? (Talents, stories, jobs, anything) EE: Well, it’s not something I tell people because I’ve gotten funny looks for it in the past and even a few “EEEeeeeews”. But I know how to fix cars and do all of the work on my car. The idea of taking my car to a repair shop and handing out all that cash is disgusting to me.

ME: Being HIV poz in DC how have you come to terms with it and how do you handle it living in DC and some people still being ignorante towards it?

EE: Brian, it’ took me years to be at peace with it. I’m at the point in my life where I don’t care what people think of my status. It can happen to anyone regardless of how careful or how small their sex life is. Most people understand that and treat me no different than anybody else but on occasion, I’ll cross paths with a mean/evil gay who thinks people with HIV are lower life forms of some kind and wants actively be nasty to me and once, even nasty to me in public. One time I was attending the Twilight Tuesday party at the Donovan House Hotel roof top and a young and seemingly nice 19 year old (how he got in is a mystery to me) decided he wanted to throw my status at me in front of a group of people like it was a slur of some kind. It took every ounce of control I had not to bash his face in. But, I chose to handle the situation in a dignified and graceful manner. I feel “class”, is the best approach to all situations. Even when dealing with the young and na├»ve.

ME: would you call yourself an advocate for HIV and the gay community! what things have you done to help out the community.

EE: I think, in my own way I am an advocate for HIV positive people because I’m out about my status, I mean, it’s no secret. Yet I choose to be out in public, I choose to be seen and heard I refuse to hide like I’m some sort of cancer on the community and I’ll be damned if I’ll let anyone make me feel that way either. I’ve walked in the annual DC AIDS Walk and plan to walk again this year, I’ve volunteered for the Cherry Fund a few times and I DJ once a month for the weekly POZ social at Green Lantern.

Thank you Erik Evans, for taking the time for this and the photo shoot.

and be sure to check out Erik Dj'ing at the local night's in and around DC.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

National Arboretum

I recently went to the National Arboretum with Rhonda and my Sister. What a great day to get away! It really felt like we were in the country side, this little island in the middle of the city is a great gem!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Awesome Gadgets

OK so This could be called a gadget! These shoes are everywhere!! I see people are the gym, people jogging and on the streets walking with them on. They look like ninja shoes almost. I hear they are good for your feet. Check out the website.