Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chaos on the Green Line!!

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Cool Disco Donut no more!!?? Cool Disco DAN

A new donut shop set to open tomorrow in Dupont Circle has changed its name after being accused of co-opting the identity of one of the city's most famous graffiti artists, writes the City Paper.
The donut shop, which was to be known as Cool Disco Donut, was named after Cool "Disco" Dan, the infamous tagger that left his mark all over D.C. in the 1980s and 90s. According to a Washingtonian profile, the shop, owned by local restaurateur Aaron Gordon, would pay homage—somewhat light-heatedly—to the style of the 1980s:
“When you get these trends, there's so much seriousness involved,” he says. “We wanted to go the opposite way in our vibe and look.”
What that means: graffiti, ’80s-style track suits, and and the likes of “Sardines” by the Junkyard Band and Prince’s “Purple Rain” blasting from a boom box, all of which you may find in the shop come four o'clock Friday. The old-school aesthetic is an homage to the Washington that Gordon grew up in, when go-go bands like Rare Essence ruled the game and graffiti artist Cool “Disco” Dan tagged every other surface in the city. The name of the business is a nod to the underground operator, though he has no official affiliation. Another local street artist, Juan Pineda, is behind the vibrant designs.

But Gordon tells the City Paper that he's changing the name to Zeke's D.C. Donuts, mostly because of some critical responses he got to the use of the tagger's name.
"I thought it would be whimsical and fun and silly. But in the last couple of hours since the name was announced yesterday, there's been a number of people saying that it disrespects the legend of Cool 'Disco' Dan … As a doughnut shop, we really want to make people happy," he said.
The timing is interesting. Next month the Corcoran will open an exhibit on the punk, go-go and graffiti scene in D.C. in the 80s and 90s, featuring imagery of Cool "Disco" Dan's work. Additionally, a long-awaited documentary on Cool "Disco" Dan will premiere in late February at the AFI in Silver Spring. (The trailer is below.) Some people with links to the film even threatened to protest the shop's soft opening tomorrow.
The donut shop's name could well fall into the category of "swagger-jacking," a term coined by a contributor to The Root D.C. Live last year to describe when entrepreneurs adopt names, events and identities linked to D.C.'s past. Or it could have been lighthearted fun with an eye towards D.C. history.
Either way, Cool Disco Donut is no more.

The location is the old Tasty-Di light and before that the Tangy sweet yogurt shop! and before that it was Rock Creek clothing store!

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DC Street art

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


After a long night of celebrating the re-election of President Obama, a drunken man rages through the streets of Washington DC with little mercy. Armed with nothing more than a scarf, the drunken man valiantly battles oncoming traffic before coming face to face with DC's Fire & Rescue team.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

MODA for MEN: Shoes

Picking some shoes out I have found I'm in love with!

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Grenson Men's Shoes.

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Just Cause!! GUYS!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Simple posting on Level One/Cobalt

COBALT/Level One/ 50 Degrees

This is a posting I put on Facebook today and then it got ugly!

  1. Level one turning people way and not sitting outside....whats wrong in this picture.
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    • Curtis Dorgan Shaw's is seating outside!
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    • Jason Royce It's called reservations and they are full. Duh.
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    • David Perruzza the kitchen only can handle a certain amount of people. the upstairs has a huge party also. trust me if they sat people outside people would then complain about the huge wait for food.
    • Brian Lempin Well we started a fad across the street and have dik which is much better anf the patio is now filled thanks to us. Levelone fail
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    • Bryan Parks Maybe the GM should try to be pleasant instead of militant towards customers. Last time I checked LevelOne doesn't do reservations. DIK Bar outside was awesome.
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    • Brian Lempin Level one doesn't take reservation only for party's of 10 or more. Dont come for me Royce. Get off my runway
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    • Bryan Parks Someone apparently doesn't have enough children to video/molest and they have to make snide comments on your Facialbook Lempin.
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    • Mark Rutstein Yea you guys are morons. There isn't enough staffing to handle any more people. We had parties of 40, 25, 18 and the list goes on. We take reservations of more than 9. And funny thing is - if we suck so bad you idiots - why are we always on a wait every weekend? You queens need a hobby.
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    • Brian Lempin Like we said bad management and service... you heard it from queen in th red for the padt year...relying on Jr's for money...get over it
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    • Bryan Parks The outside was empty, Leann just didnt want to seat anyone. Yeah the customers are the idiots.
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    • Mark Rutstein Wow that shows what an idiot you are. This is why people hate you. Bars in the red don't renovate the whole building in a year. Go back to blogging tool box and stay out of our venues. Negative energy is not welcome.
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    • Bryan Parks Go burn the building down again.
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    • Mark Rutstein That shows what an idiot you are too. That was previous ownership. Lol Hashtags? Really? Child.
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    • Brian Lempin Wow...rude customer service from the manager..people love me. Don't get mad I don't review your shitty establishment....
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    • Mark Rutstein Sure you do my whole team hates you and everyone talks about your bashing places. Remember the "cobalt renovated a bathroom and this is a little much" rant you went on? Lol
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    • Brian Lempin Was a bit much...wasnt a rant. It was truth.
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    • Geoff LaSalle · Friends with Victor Price and 194 others
      Wow, you guys totally know what you're talking about. You have had so much experience in restaurant management weighing the cost of wait time for food against the cost of outdoor seating in the middle of January. Mark, what is wrong with you? You sh...See More
    • Geoff LaSalle · Friends with Victor Price and 194 others
      And Brian, you don't gain the upper hand or look like a genius during a written argument when you don't even know how to spell.
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    • Brian Lempin A simple posting turns to a negative Nancy ans personal jabs. Childish and unprofessional. It hurts when its true keep thw post coming.

      This was the posting by the management and one of the bar staff!  rude and unprofessional!    They took it there and it went there.. It can go further as well.   Thank you to Jr's management for reaching out to me as they are professional in these manners!    TOTES.