Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spanish Steps (copy cat)

I bring you to Washington's version of Rome's Spanish Steps.
Our Spanish Steps once led to an 18th-century manor house named Kalorama, which gave its name to this neighborhood of stunning heights and rolling hills. In Greek, Kalorama means “beautiful view.” Washington's Spanish Steps were lovingly restored in 1999 by area groups listed on the plaque on the right as you descend. This tranquil spot with its sometime bubbling fountain. It's a perfect place to take a break after the S Street climb and contemplate the magnificent view once enjoyed by 19th century residents.



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

City Park's

Hey people, it's SPRING TIME official as of March 8-9 weather.. today was a high of 70, it was wonderful, so while hanging out with my best friend I went to P St. beach to enjoy the day and then walked through the city stopping to get yogurt at TangySweet and lunch on the Georgetown Waterfront. such a nice day, tomorrow will bring rain for a couple of days and then the warm weather is on. I composed a couple of places I like to have picnics and just lounge on a nice sunny day.

Montrose Park- this park is located in North Georgetown next to the creepy old cemetery. lots of lawns to lay and relax in and fountains and benches.

Dupont Circle- this park is the in the downtown center is the hub of people watching in the city. people getting off from work, cars zooming around and under the park, people walking dogs and riding bikes, it's a bit chaotic on a nice day. a normal meeting spot for people as well, just say meet me at the fountain. kinda romantic paris feeling.

Logan Circle- much more of a residential park with a large statue of Logan in the center, nice lawns to relax and benches.

P st. Beach- this is the old stomping ground for the gays who would have pride events and concerts in this park facing facing the Rock Creek parkway. a perfect place to bring your dogs and relax, play frisbee.

Meridian Hill/Malcolm X park- I don't want to leave out any names and get emails about this park. A grand park by US standards and if you ask most people wouldn't even know what was behind these hung tall pebble like walls and grand entrances. but a garden with lawns, a large fountains on each side at the top along with a statue of Joan of Arc over looking the somewhat obscured park from the high-rise apartment building, there is a cascading fountain that leads to the end and empties into a large pool at the bottom where lotus plants bloom and ducks swim. such an awesome park to relax and enjoy any kind of weather, also their is usually a drum circle at the top of the park on either side where the fountains are you will hear the drums.

And let's not forget our nations front yard the National Mall where all the tourist go to the museums.. yeaaa.. true but this is the best park in the city , with sweeping views of all museums and all government buildings along with the Washington Monument. there is also a beer garden/sculpture garden in front of the National archives.