Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chaplins Time Traveler

Day of the Dead Nov 1-2

Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated by many in Mexico and by some Mexican Americans. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. The celebration occurs on November 2 in connection with the Catholic holiday of All Saints Day (Nov 1) and All Souls Day (Nov 2). Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigold, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed and visiting the graves with these as gifts. Due to the occurring Halloween, the Day of the Dead is sometimes thought to be a similar holiday, although the two actually have little in common. The Day of the Dead is a time of celebration, where partying and eating is common.

I've listed a couple of Mexican places in DC you could celebrate the Day of the Dead on those days. Check them out!


Wow! A movie theater in the West End in DC is back in business! You heard right, remember when you could catch a movie anywhere in DC. The long forgotten theater in Dupont, the theater in Georgetown before the large LOEWs opened and let's not forget the Pentagon City mall theater! Check out the website on the link!

Hello Cupcake News!

Hello Cupcake will be opening a new location in Capitol Hill sometimes in 2011. This is Happy news as It's my favorite cup cakery! Suck on that Georgetown cupcakes. no long lines here!

MODA for Men

Another Fashion update for you fashionable people in DC check it out!
Tickets are going fast!

This will surely be an awesome night!

Marine Corps Marathon

The Marine Corps Marathon is this Sunday and another day of road closures in DC! Check out the site for road closures and times.

9:30 Club announces 9:30 records label

The Northwest music venue has announced that it is launching a record label, 9:30 records.

Singer/songwriter Justin Jones, a Virginia native, is the label's first artist. This is great news for the venue and for DC, as many music artist are coming about in the city.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity

The Rally this Saturday is expected to be large so mind your manners on the rails and roads! And no one still knows what this rally is all about and who will be there! But I will be there to take some pictures and video.

17th St. Drag Race

So I didn't make it to the race this year, as the weather man predicted that it would rain and storm hardcore! Nothing came, it has been like that every year that I go. So since I missed out, here are some highlights from others.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Remembering the Times

Some of you may not know but I used to be a raver! I used to hang out at Tracks and the Capital Ball Room, the Circle Club in Dupont which is now some yuppie bar and a Chipotle. and let's not forget Pollen and those one off party's down in the Navy yard which is now full of large office buildings. The Large Raves at the Dc Armory called Engage, Energize and the Ultraworld parties in the Baltimore Harbor called Starscape. I met alot of cool friends. There was even a song after the club Nation by SK8. Things will never be the same! But hey, Things have to change. People grow up. Here are some of my Memories.


Monday, October 25, 2010


ARENA STAGE is now open. after years of planning a new renovation and months of planning the grand opening! Go down to the brand new looking theather and check out the neighborhood as well as that has changed alot too. This is great to have it open back up.


So Kinda Breaking news on the Fashion front for MEN in DC. A new Vintage shop opened this month on 1534 U St. Dr. K's Vintage shop. Check out some pictures on and a little commontary to go along! Store looks great. I will be checking that out.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I came across this awesome store in Clarendon. Great clothes. go check out the store. I know it's in NOVA, but it's worth a trip out in the boonies! HAHA

Another Store I found on 14th st. such a secret spot you probably never seen it. its above SOM Records store and next to Bar Pilar.
Treasury Vintage is a great store if your looking for a vintage look ladies and Gentlemen.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


So iam starting a new section called Excursions. This section will be about (Excursions) things to do around the city, Cheap, or free. you all know iam all about that. So heres the first couple I came up with.

If you're looking to take pictures or get away from the bustle of the city but still take the metro there. and cheap things, check out my Excursions.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

9:30 Concerts

These are some awesome concerts that will be happening at the 9:30 club
w/crash kings & Civil twilight
Oct 31

Ft. Dj sounds of Bob Mould & Richard Morel
Nov 12

The Black Crowes
Nov 14

Paul Oakenfold
Nov 23

Carbon Leaf
Nov 24

17th St. Drag Race

It only comes once a month the Tuesday before Halloween! the 17th St. Drag Race. Be sure to get down there and check out the masses of people and all the drag queens racing two blocks. It's all fun.

Awesome Gadgets

Every once in a while I like to show off some awesome gadgets that I see. Here are two that I have. The new G2 cell phone from T-mobile, which is supposed to be better then the Apple 4 phone and the new Apple Tv smaller and a different color. And Microsoft's new KINECT the much awaited hands free gaming console. Something for you bikers out there as well to stay safe. check them out

Green Festival

Green Festival
Washington DC
Oct 23-24
Washington Convention Center

Many of you know, I like to be Green! Green as in eating organic and using reusable bags and not wasting a lot. Go and check out the Festival this weekend. There are gonna be tons of booths and stuff to try out. Maybe you might learn something as well.

Monday, October 18, 2010

MODA for Men

1155 Connecticut Ave, NW
Washington, DC 2003

It's scarf season!!! Brrrrr.. Those cold morning's going to work and coming home late from the office. Don't forget your Burberry Scarf fella. Dress it up and learn how to wrap it around your neck in fashionable.

Murder at DC9

The owner and four employees of a popular nightclub off U Street chased and then fatally beat and stomped a man after he threw a rock through a window of the club, police said.

Ali Ahmed Mohammed, 27, of Silver Spring was killed outside the DC9 Nightclub in an act of "vigilante justice," Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said.

One of the club's owners, Bill Spieler, 46, and four employees have each been charged with second-degree murder in Mohammed's "savage beating," the chief said.

UPDATE: As of 5:10 p.m. on Friday afternoon, officials at the Medical Examiner's Officer say they have not ruled the Friday morning death outside of DC9 a homicide. For the latest updates go to Crime Scene.

MODA for Men


Dupont Circle

1350 connecticut avenue, nw
washington, dc 20036
Proper Topper has closed on 3213 P St. NW in Georgetown and has kept the Dupont Circle store open. This is pretty sad as Georgetown is being taken over by retail chains mostly for teenagers. I think Georgetown has lost it's luster! Be sure to check out the store in Dupont and help out the mom and pop stores! They have awesome hats for Guys, cufflinks, watches, and wallets!

International Dining in DC

So this past Saturday I went to brunch! I know Brunch on a saturday, so unheard of (OSCAR). So He had been talking about this place forever that the food was so good, and like most places I've always passed by this place, and didn't give it any mind into going in! Well, maybe this was an off day, but the Brunch was so bad. The eggs was horrible via Oscar and friend, and the bacon was hard. My Urbana Benedict was very vegetarian! And the bagel on the side was yum. I didn't have any problems with my meal. But the low attendance was a little awkward, it was mostly hotel guest. So I wouldn't go back for Brunch. Has anyone gone for dinner? Is it really worth checking out? The decor inside was very nice, the booths are spacious. The waiters and staff were nice.

Have you Ever!

If you see an ATM machine like this sitting out in the middle of no where, like a parking lot, DO NOT use it! It looks old and could be a fake, for scanning cards.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Awesome Street Art

International Dining in DC

Sette Osteria
A Southern Italian inspired restaurant, they have switched up the menu since last I had been. A number of out door tables line the busy Conn Ave sidewalk, good for people watching. Indoors is a medium sized dining area. the bar is large with several TVs. The Plates of food are a bit small for me and are decent priced. The restaurant is situated in an office building ground floor so the decor in side doesn't really go with the buildings large glass windows. Note: do not sit next to the windows during the winter months a draft is felt and do not sit next to the doors leading out on the patio you will feel the heat from outside and the servers go in and out there.


Opened to much fan fare along 14th St. the area was craving an Asian inspired restaurant and this is one of the best around! It's very dim inside the only light is from the candles from your table, It can get a bit loud in there due to not allot of decor, but that's the fun of it! it's very minimalist. the dining room is medium size, and a very small bar I've yet to see anyone sit at, and outside it a limited number of tables. The food is very good here and great service.