Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

I would just like to say Merry Christmas to my reader's and Thank you for being a FAN of my site! I hope you all have a wonderful time if it's with family or friends!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Art Gallery's: The Longview

1234 Ninth St. NW
Washington DC
the Long view has been opened since 2006 in the Shaw Neighborhood of Washington DC. They mostly show reginal artist and hold special events in this large building. Monthly exhibitions are happening as we speak take a look at their website for details.

Revealed: Jason Zyk

Brian: I first off want to thank you for doing this interview, I want to showcase you and your company because you are a District of Columbian now and of course my blog is about the 202. So let's start with the questions. Where were you born and raised Jason?

Jason: I was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Brian: OK so I know your into computers but people may not know your background. tell us how you became so savvy with computers.
Jason: my parents for a radio controlled boat, but instead they bought me my first computer, a VIC 20. There were no programs for it, just a programming book, so I had to learn how to code at an early age. Never the less, I was not thrilled with my present so I didn’t play with it, so I was grounded until I did. I learned how to make animations and through computer algorithms I learns how to write a simple tic tac toe programs as well. The summer after that Christmas I went to gifted summer camp and they taught us more computer skills, but this time on Apple computers (pre Mac). Ever since then I have been using computers, but I never thought I would go into a career utilizing them. When I was in high school, I started tutoring people on computers and doing some computer consulting which had me write a program for a landscaping company to help them manage their jobs, inventory, procurement and billing. That program is what helped me write a MRP II for a Malaysian company while I was there from '96-'97 at the age of 19.
Brian: Now I know you do not have a desk job anymore you run your own business AGAIN, this time it's a construction company, how in the heck did you move from this to that?!
Jason: I have been working for companies my whole adult career and after working for a boss I did not like and did not respect I decided, with the encouragement from a friend, to quit and start doing construction full time, which I had been doing on the side for the past 10 years.
Brian: Did you know you had skills to run a construction company? how did that start?
Jason: My father was a carpenter before he retired and ever since I was a little kid he would take me with him to work on jobs. When I was 21 I bought a 1925 bungalow in Tampa that I lovingly restored as well as built a guest house (new construction) behind the house which further honed my skills.
Brian: How did the construction company start?
Jason: While I was in Tampa fixing my house, my friends saw that I was handy and asked me to help them with projects they had and so Z Construction was born in 2000.
Brian: If I were to recommend Z Construction to others how would you explain your company and what you do?
Jason: Z construction specializes in residential and commercial remodeling as well as property management. Examples of recent projects include: bathroom and kitchen renovations, roof deck replacements and installations, complete gut jobs of row homes with new everything between the exterior walls, painting, tiling, and smaller handyman work as well. Right now, we focus 100% of our energy on properties in Washington, DC.
Brian: I know you like to travel and have been all over, and we took a trip to Europe together as well which was amazing to do! But tell the readers which are your favorite spots for Holiday!
Jason: I would have to say Montreal and Barcelona are my two favorite vacation spots that I have been so far, but travelling is my passion. Now that I work for myself I plan on travelling a lot more!
Brian: If you could pick three people dead or alive who would you pick to meet or hang out with?!
Jason: Well, my personal hero, after my Mom, is Bill Clinton, I would love to have a day with him and pick his brain on so many things from geo-political to environmental. I would love to meet Freddy Mercury and get a person concert, and lastly I would like to meet Leonardo da Vinci because he was one of the most prolific inventors and free thinkers of his time!
Brian: So I think I've known you for about ten years now and I have seen you grow into this awesome person. So where do you see your self in five years?
Jason: I would like to have a team of 5 to 10 employees working for me still with the same focus on quality as I have now, but expanding into property development as well. I would also like to be taking plenty of time off for vacations and spending more time with friends and family. Lastly, I would like to find someone who compliments me to be my partner.
Brian: Do you have any other projects your working on now!
Jason: Right now I am finishing up 3 big jobs: a complete row house remodel, installing a central ac/heating system in a house that doesn’t have one and fixing all their cracked walls and ceilings, and a very large trim job installing all new custom made wenge banisters. Luckily, I have been booked solid this entire year and next year looks to be more of the same.
I would like to say thank again to Jason Zyk for being a great friend and thank you for doing this for me on my BLOG!
If any of you are looking for projects to be done around your place feel free and check out Jason's Company Website, his company is DC's Most Referred Contractor!
Z Construction

Icon: Andy Warhol

One of my favorite artists and a personal icon of mine, he changed the world on how we looked at art, fashion, merchandising, commercials, everything and anything he did! I'm finally going to go to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and have a grand old time.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Census results

The 2010 Census shows that DC's population has grown 5.19 percent that's the biggest population jump in decades! This means we have the largest spike in population at 601,723! GO DC. Keep growing!

The Story of Festivus

Happy Festivus

In Adams Morgan! I always like to walk by and read the grievances!

Festivus for the Rest of Us!
Of course you know where this is from Seinfeld.

City Mural

Behind the Safeway in Adams Morgan! near the side bay.

Street Art

Shoppers go crazy on Black Friday, 2010

Xmas Shopping!


More day's left to shop for Xmas are you all set?

Don't forget I want the Red Robin B.B Gun for Christmas.

DownTown Julie Brown

DownTown Julie Brown

Ok Iam a child of the 80's and early 90's. I remember Downtown Julie Brown bring some spic to MTV for their Club MTV show which was sometimes filmed at the Paliudum in NYC. It was basically MTVs version of American Bandstand!

Club MTV day's

Club MTV

International Dining in DC

Mad Hatter
1319 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington DC

Is one of those places that is just a friendly neighborhood bar that moved to a large space. the decor is awesome inside with Alice in Wonderland inspired pictures and other such things. the bar is always packed. the food was "OK" just tasted like real bar food. the Tea was amazing! it's the same black lemon and sweet tea I've ever had. the Brunch I hear is good as well.

Pink Sock


1101 Kenyon St. NW
Washington DC

So some of you boy's seem to think there is not life outside of Dupont and Logan Circles and the only places to dance and have fun at Town and Cobalt. well Come up to the new neighborhood in Columbia Heights and check out what your missing! this is a downtown feeling in the uptown locale. Pink Sock is Held at the Wonderland Ballroom off of 11th and Kenyon and has been going strong for 6 years! Pink Sock is a total hipster place to dance and meet new people. Check it out

La Boum


L' Enfant Cafe & Bar
2000 18th St. NW
Washington DC

I gotta say that La Boum, was a wild and crazy brunch! I wasn't expecting that from a little cozy french cafe on the corner. People dancing on tables and a DJ spinning and disco lights rolling and window shades closed so no one could see the debauchery going on, totally felt like I was in Miami for a little bit there. Go try out the menu, good yummy foods, try the crepes and grab an espresso all awhile dancing and laughing! P.S. if you really wanna know I'd say this is a Saturday Tea dance!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

International Dinning in DC

Cafe Deluxe
3228 Wisconsin Ave. NW

One of my all time favorite restaturants in DC and in my old neighborhood in Catherdral Heights. Very packed for Brunch there is always a wait, the bar is fun to sit at and watch a game or to meet your friends for a drink durning happy hour. for dinner or Lunch, the Meatloaf with green beans and mash potatoes is my fav! and a glass of wine. the decor brings you back to the 1940's. they have also renovated the next door old furnitire store and expanded for more seating which was GOOD because it has cut down on waiting a bit.

Skating with the Capitals

Last Sunday I went to see some of the Washington Capitals that showed up to skate with the visitors at the National Gallery's Sculpture Garden ice skating rink on the National mall. In attendance were Capitals alumni Peter Bondra and Craig Laughlin who took the ice with the National Gallery of Art Ice Rink School skaters for a skills exhibition. I did not get to take photos of the other four players that showed up much later in the day those players were John Carlson, Marcus Johansson, Karl Alzner and Nicklas Backstrom.

MODA for Men

Stay warm wear a big scarf and some mittens with the fingers cut out!

So after watching a couple of English League soccer matches I'm beginning to think the soccer players are making a fashion statement with these soccer snoods they started wearing. Well look out guy's they have hit the streets and stores. Look for them at TOPMAN and H&M.

More Awesome websites to shop for great clothes.

Factory 413



The Fridge

So tonight is going to be another awesome event held at the FRIDGE in Eastern Market. Head on down and check it out, they are auctioning off art works by some really interseting artist you might have seen their work around the streets of DC or even in galleries! It's always a fun time at the Fridge

A none-night art show and auction to promote and raise support for Albus Cavus classroom at the Fridge.

Please join us for an amazing evening of art and performanc and help support the next semester of classes.

Funds raised will be used to pay for scholarships, supplies, instructors and space rental.

Classes will be held every Sunday for five months starting in January, and will be taught by local artist in dance, poetry, music, graphic design, art and science.

To purchase your tickets or for more info, PLEASE CLICK HERE

DECEMBER 11, 2010
6pm to 10pm

One Night Art Show
Auction of Art by:
Mark Jenkins
Chor Boogie
Joshue Cogan
Scot Lefavor
Beth Baldwin
Rosina Teri Memolo
Asad Ultra Walker
Graham Boyle
and more!!

Performances by:
Holly Bass
Simone Jacobson
David London
Contradiction Dance

Body Painting by:
Jeramie Bellmay

The Fridge
Capitol Hill Bid
The Pink Line Project
Miss Pixie's Furnishings & Whatnot
Busboys and Poets
Living Green
Winsor & Newton
Belga Cafe
Teds Bulletin
Peregrine Espresso

To Purchage your Tickets or for more info, PLEASE CLICK HERE