Thursday, January 27, 2011

SaturGays in the Park: Ice Skating

SaturGay's in the Park, Shea Von Horn and Aaron Riggins
for a day of Ice skating and Debauchery

Ice rink is located at.
7th & Constitution Ave. NW
Washington DC

Come and join in the fun you all, There is always a wild Tranny with some weird ass costume on doing something wild, and the boys get in the mood with the events as well. The last one in DuPont circle for the Gay Olympics was EPIC. come out and enjoy a nice day Ice skating in front of the wonderful museums and the National Archives. After all the mess is done, Head on over downtown to Coco Sala for some Hot chocolate and some bites.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


1426 Wisconsion Ave. NW
Washington DC

Ahhh the shops in Georgetown ROCK, and anyone knows this is the place to go shopping, Georgetown has a number of great shoe stores, and anyone who knows me, knows I love me some SHOES! Go check out MAJOR on Wisconsin Ave. Great for new urban styled gear and shoes. great options and the guy who runs the place is super cool. you might even see someone famous shopping in there!

Also in the news..... HAHA

FACTORY413 in LA is having a HUGE SALE online. Check them out as well

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Washington Auto Show

January 28 - Feburary 6, 2011
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
$12 for adults

For those of you who want to check out some Professional WWE wrestler's check out the main site for dates and times. OOOH and SNOOKI will be there as well. Iam gonna get her to come out and party with me!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Art Gallery's: the Corcoran Gallery of Art

500 17th St. NW.
Washington DC

Checking out the Corcoran Gallery of Art after almost two years, Yes I know, bad me. But well worth it, I got lost in there like usual looking at the exhibits, so much going on, it was great, here are some pictures I took today on my recent visit. I would have to say, you should have brunch there in the lobby and then defiantly check out the Gallery.

Awesome Street Art

Field Trip: Cleveland Park

Washington DC

Located between Connecticut Ave. and Wisconsin Ave's This charming residential neighborhood in Northwest has a lot going for it, with yummy restaurants and nightlife. Cleveland Park is very accessible via the Metro on the red line, parking can be a problem especially if there is a brand new movie showing at the UPTOWN theater which hosts grand large screenings on it's massive two story screen. Cleveland Park also has a lot of history people may no even know, it is the site of the still in use first strip mall, and is the location of the William L. Stayton house which is an architects wet dream. The love of this neighborhoo
d is incredible with tended gardens and renovated cottages that were first built in this area long ago when it was considered a suburb of downtown DC. Below I have put some places I find interesting to hang

one of DC's hand full or Art Deco theaters still in use.
is a laid back lounge with awesome decor.
Cleveland Park Bar & Grill the perfect place to watch a game.
The first ever strip mall
William L. Stayton House

Some other places that I like to eat at and visit.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mark Farina and DJ Double 07 at Sweet Spot

Mark Farina and DJ Double 07 at Sweet Spot

Come out and hear some sweet tunes from
Washington DC's own
Dj Double 07

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gym Etiquette

I'm only writing this because I care!! HAHA.. read on guy's and gal's

Handling Equipment-
The reason we all go to the gym is to use the equipment, Are you capable of using the different machines? if not you really don't want to look like a gimp on the machine trying to figure it out, ask someone at the front desk or a trainer walking around for help ONLY, don't rely on the people working out next to you, they might know the RIGHT way to use it either.

Returning weights-
When ever you use weights or plates, return them to where they go! The trainers walking around are there to train not pick up after your lazy ass!

Don't HOG machines-
Being a member of a gym means it's a little community inside there and everyone gets to use the machines, plan your routine before you go out on the floor and decide ahead of time what your gonna work on. rest, repeat and move on! if your doing super duper sets, tell the persons your gonna be there a bit longer.

Wipe Machines-
Image walking up to a machine just used by some gross sweaty person that left their sweat beads from their head and down there cause they have on a jock strap.. GROSS. you don't want to be that guy! if you happen to sweat all over the place, get a disposable wipe and clean it up, or use a towel to sit on and put your head on!

Limit yourself-
Working out on the cardio machines time yourself out for 20-30 mins, there might be a reservation list might be up at the front desk.

Don't drop the weights-

Straight to it.

The gym isn't a social club, if you want that, go to your bath house or wait for the night and meet at the bars. Conversations should be kept short and brief and limited to resting periods in between sets. Don't initiative conversations with people with headphones, they obviously don't want to chat. if your resting, don't break on a machine, other people want to use it.

Getting hit on-
It is true the gym is the best place to meet people, I have met tons of people there. But the people are there to get fit, not meet and go on dates with every person they meet. Also try not to stare at someone for long periods of time it makes people uneasy!!

Body odor-
There are some people who Wreak of odor and it just its NASTY. shower or wear deodorant. if you know you smell shower before you go on the floor and after. It helps to not get dirty looks from people and maybe even kicked out of the gym for bad hygiene.

Cell Phones-

Dress in gym wear, don't wear Spandex biker shorts guys, people don't want to see the outline of your penis, wear gym shorts over those! and don't wear jeans or street clothes, no dirty shoes with mud.

Don't walk in front of the mirrors, people are using those to look at them selves to see their form, and to get their stance right. if you notice people are just looking at themselves then it's OK.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stevie Wonder - My Cherie Amour - Live Hyde Park 2010



Jeremy Scott is a KOOL KAT, Since finding these hot shoes, I found out that he designs other more elorate clothings, it kinda of reminds me of my raver days, and or the late 80's with the bright colors and such, it has a very POP art feeling to his collections and they are all READY to WEAR, believe that. check out his website to see if you can find something you would wear.

Monday, January 17, 2011

MUSEUM of Censored Art

So since the Smithsonian won't show that video of the ants crawling over a thing of jesus, this little museum set up shop out front and I took advantage since I missed it at the gallery on P st.
The video was great to watch, blood, nakedbodys, Jesus, fire. go watch it and tell me your view.

Just plain cool

Scenes from DC

New construction coming along.

Downtown has become a tourist trap of sorts, with tons of odd museums.
and years of decline has brought back stores galore!

every little park you can think of has a staute for someone... some day I will have one of me! HA

Have you EVER!



Ahhh.. just what I needed to put a smile on my face, while walking around DC.


A Roy Linchtenstein from Ground Zero now in front of the National Portrait Gallery.

NEAT-O Architecture

This is the Broadcast education association in DuPont. very dark and old Brutalist type style that DC is known for.
Here you see the FBI building in the back a more Brutalist type architecture from the mid 60's 70's, The center building is more modern maybe a couple years old, and the Front building which houses a hotel and Gordon Biersch brewery restaurant, is a style of Beaux-Arts architecture.

Here again this whole block had run down buildings and empty lots, the past 10 years have been good to downtown DC, with major renovations of old buildings and new ones popping up next to them. Ultra modern buildings next to old beaux-arts.

Low level buildings from the old days of DC. these used to hold stores, now this area is mostly clubs and bars.

They took an old ugly building and totally renovated it and put ultra modern looking glass for a great look. to the right you can see the Cathedral of St. Matthews.


This is a mural off of U St. of Miles Davis, but someone Taged over some of it.. isn't there a rule were you don't tag over Mural's?