Saturday, July 28, 2012

Visual Stimulation

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Ray*Ban has done it again with their advertisements this time focusing on the gay crowd.  Love it

Special Agent GALACTICA

WHERE: BLACK FOX LOUNGE 1723 Connecticut Ave NW
WHEN: Friday July 27th 6-9PM
More information can be found at


"INTOXICATING!" Washington Post

Special Agent Galactica, and her VERY-SEXY-CUTE-BOY Combo are back to bring your work week to an end with a bang and give your weekend the unique start it deserves. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

The Very-Sexy-Cute-Boy combo returns to back the Pink Haired One with their swinging, sizzlin sound. Who else can take you from a jamming-hot jazz to Rock and Roll classics and back again and deliver it with a performance worthy of the "TOUR DE FORCE!" artistry that the Washington CityPaper so aptly described? No one but the Special Agent herself!

Playing to a standing room a only crowd, DC seems to be saying they want MORE Galactica...and Black Fox, the Pink Haired One and her Boys are ready to give just that!

This week, Galactica and her boys welcome the terribly sexy spoken word artist, Thomas Joseph to join in on the fun. And who knows...maybe a special surprise with the two in the works!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In The Name of Love - A Fundraiser for Michael Joel Hall

As many of you know, Michael Joel Hall was senselessly attacked on Saturday night, while with his boyfriend, in what is being investigated as a hate crime. As a local yoga instructor without health insurance, he is facing major medical bills after undergoing surgery to repair a broken jaw and cheekbone. Fortunately, Michael is one of the most loved people I know in DC (and beyond) and his community has rallied around him during this difficult time.

Please consider donating directly to a paypal account set up to help with his medical bills ( or stop by proper topper on Friday when 10% of total sales will be donated to the MJH fund.

Michael Joel Hall - In the Name of Love Fundraiser & Practice

When: Friday Night July 27, 8:15pm
Where: Flow Yoga Center
What: We will be offering two donation classes featuring Flow's Mimi Rieger, Rob Hess, Greg Marzullo and Brittanie DeChino.
Reserve Your Space:

For those of you who have had the chance to take his classes at Flow (Wed-Thurs-Fri Mysore & Saturday Rocket) you know what a treasure he is. Now, Michael, one of DC's most beloved yoga instructors, is in the hospital awaiting surgery after being viciously attacked this past Saturday evening. If this were not awful enough - Michael's home was destroyed in a fire just a few months before.

As medical bills and other expenses mount ... one might say Michael has nothing. But this is not true - because he has YOU! Whether you know Michael personally or not- we invite you to experience the true essence of yoga this Friday night as we come together in community!

A gift of $20 or more would really go a long way!! Replace the injustice with kindness - and the suffering, with love.

* * *
8:15-9:45pm - Radiant Heart Prana Flow - asana led by Rob Hess with hands on assists plus closing pranayama and meditation led by Greg Marzullo A transformative prana flow heart-centered practice including mantra japa, tantric sutras, heart salutations, a liberating back-bending vinyasa flow and meditation to liberate our natural, healing alchemy of love.

8:15-9:45pm - Rocket to the Heart - asana led by Mimi Rieger closing with hands on assists plus closing pranayama and meditation led by Brittanie DeChino The playful and upbeat Rocket systematically promotes heart-felt spirit & freedom within your yoga practice. It works the whole body creating inner and outer balance. You will leave Rocket feeling completely rejuvenated & inspired. All you need is love!

Reserve your space in either of these offerings:

If you can't make it to the class, consider an "in spirit" donation via paypal - we will post that link here shortly. There is also an upcoming yoga community collaborative fundraiser happening August 6! Stay tuned for full details!


entry to the 17th St. Dog park

International Dining in DC : Shake Shack

THE 202 loves eating out and we have almost forgot to show you our love for places to eat in Washington DC with our reviews.  This is my most recent and I will keep you updated. 

1216 18th St.
Washington DC

Stopping into Shake Shack on 18th and Conn Ave., It's a must for people wanting a burger and those damn yummy crispy fries, The milk shakes are small but are wonders!!  

This time I ordered two burgers (Yeah I was feeling like a fat girl) and fries and a vanilla shake, now mind you if you order the chocolate shake it's REALLY dark chocolate, you'll be tasting the after effects for hours!!  HAHA

Once walking in your overwhelmed by the menu on the wall, and they serve wine and beer!! YUM!  

The seating is in the back, walking along the wall you can see into the kitchen and see what's happening!  The seats are made from an old bowling alley from the flooring.  kinda neat-o huh!! also in the back are large TV screens showing sports.  

I love Shake Shack I will defiantly be coming back!

This is a great addition to all the burger places in DC popping up and a little piece of NYC right here in DC.  The feeling is cafeteria/NYC !!  love it or hate it.

Jim Henson Company and Chick-Fil-A

Boycott Chick-Fil-A if you are for Human rights!  Chick-Fil-A sponsors the Anti-Gay agenda with supporting candidates and bills against the GLBT comment, Hate is not something you want to buy into.  STOP giving your money to CHICK-FIL-A.



Monday, July 23, 2012

Flip Cup Coming to MOVA

Happy times for Sundays at MOVA

FLIP CUP is coming to MOVA keep checking the website for details.

Jamie Lee-Curtis my childhood crush

I used to have a large crush on Jamie Lee-Curtis when I was little, Here are a couple of images from how I remember her.

AIDS Quilt 2012 DC

This guy was on the street preaching that the black community is turning the back on their own and he likes to sleep with hermaphrodites!  HAHA

Jack Mackenroth from Project Runway and ME

Photos of Washington DC