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DC Garden Art

The embassy of Kazakhstan has a beautiful statue out front.

Universal Gear Denim Party

Universal Gear's Model and Dj's for the day


DJ Jesse MadScience Jackson

I even got a kiss !



Window Display

I just LOVE DC!!

DC Street Art

International Dining in DC: Matchbox (14th St.)

1901 14th St.  NW
Washington DC

Once again another new restaurant opens in a once dilapidated building along the 14th st. corridor.  Once the location of an old jazz club, this space has been transformed to it's original glory well the outside at least, we never had to see the inside before the renovation started!  The floating dinning areas are great for private parties and the bar is massive and have three flat screen tvs.  If you know DC and the times to go eat and not to go.  Watch out for the long waits on the weekends with the brunch crowds, a wait can be as much as 45 mins!  grab a stool at the bar for faster service if anything is open.  it's such a large restaurant they only have one bathroom which is down stairs and you may have to fight to get to the restroom in the back near the kitchen!!!  bad planning I think!!  large patio space outside will be awesome for spring and summer time! 

Brunches are great here, nice little menu, they stop serving brunch at 3pm!!! FYI
The menu is OK over all.  On this trip I have a the Matchbox Chicken sandwich and my friend had the Chicken pesto pizza. 

this is a chain restaurant so I'm not going to post anything out of the norm for a rating a local chain.

 3 out of 5 stars ***

Monday, February 18, 2013

DC Street Art

Meridian HIll Park updates

The construction and renewal project of Meridian Hill Park looks like it's in it's final stages!   They have up dated the lighting, water systems, fencing, and cement walk ways and the large walls surrounding the park, let's not forget a new bathroom which was opened last summer.  here are a couple of things I saw this week that were new!

New water fountain

New Park Maps

Several more post are around the park this is just a couple I found interesting! 

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DC Bikes

Found this beauty on P St.

DC Street Art

They look like cupcakes!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Evelyn Champagne King

So I recently have been into Evelyn listening none stop to her music!!  Don't ask me, it's just hitting a note with me

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fashion Icon for MEN: Gabe Saporta

I have chosen Gabe Saporta as February's Fashion Icon for Men this month.

Gabe Saporta is the lead singer and primary creative force behind the synthpop band Cobra Starship.

Visual Stimulation

International Dining in DC: POSTE

555 8th St.  NW
Washington DC

Poste is located inside the neoclassical General Post Office building, a National Historic landmark constructed in 1839 that was the first all-marble building in Washington and patterned after the Roman Temple of Jupiter.

Poste is Hotel Monaco's restaurant. which is a 174-seat American restaurant and bar with an entrance in the hotel lobby and a second entrance on the 8th Street that was once carriageway passage for horses and buggies.  Poste features an outdoor terrace for dinning during the spring and summer months.

The staff was very welcoming and knowledgeable on the history of the building when we asked questions.  Also very open to explaining the menu when we had questions.

The drinks were a bit weak for the price.  
The food selection is outrageous and yummy, I wanted to order everything!
We started with bread and butter which I warn you the white little breads are not covered in a glaze of sugar that is SALT!  to much salt and carbs for this boy.

We moved on to ordering oysters and a cheese platter!  It must have been good because all of my fellow guest diners tore up the platter in minutes! I can't remember the cheeses but the breads were a bit hard.  There was also a chicken liver parfait which was amazing!

My eye kept moving to the Moules as I wanted to get the Chorizo! but I threw in the towel and just ordered the Beef Bourguignon, 72 hour braised short ribs!!!  WOW melts in your mouth so good.  The other guest diners ordered steak frites, the fries were delicious!!  

We wasted no time in eating as our regular time to eat was about two hours prior but the scheduling of another restaurant made us late so we welcomed POSTE with open arms!

FYI. the restrooms are on the third floor!  :o) don't take the stairs if you want to end up in the basement!!

I give this place 5 stars ***** Top Notch service and food!