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International Dinning in DC : Black & Orange

1300 Connecticut Ave.  NW
Washington DC

Yesterday I decided to try a kinda of newly re-opened burger joint that was called Rouge State, but after a little spat with the neighbors in the building they were aloud to reopen as a different name Black & Orange!  and are going to b reopening a new location on 14th and U streets as well.  I took some pics and here is my take on the burger joint.  
The burger was called the Rouge.  It came with a spice blend of chipotle and cilantro in the burger.  I thought the burger meat was a little small for the breaded bun.  But I did not need any ketchup or anything.  The taste was perfect.  

The fries were sweet potato and were some of the best I've had in DC.

A glance inside.  there is more seating in the back with a large mural.
outside of the shop on Conn Ave.

Maison @ Napleon

Napoleon Bistro & Lounge
1847 Columbia Rd.  NW
Washington DC

Maison returns this month with special guest Bil Todd! Bil and I always have a blast DJing together, including recently at the DC Locals Showcase at U Hall and his infectious party Raw at Green Lantern.

Bil's ear for disco is crazy good, and we'll be piping out some summer disco jams and french house beats to cool you off in Napoleon's AC.

And to heat things up a bit, the one and only Jason Barnes will be doing a special perf
ormance for us! We're bringing in extra disco balls just to make the performance truly memorable! If you've ever been to Raw, WTF at Town, Pink Sock, or Sunday School, then you've most likely seen one of Jason's raucous shows!

Party starts at 10:00 PM. No Cover. $5 Champagne glasses 'til Midnight. Upstairs at Napoleon (complete with cell phone reception and less humidity).

Oh- and check out Maison's new website at

And follow along on twitter:​sondc

TMY + Bil Todd
Performance by Jason Barnes
Napoleon Bistro
1847 Columbia Rd NW
No Cover

LODA @ The Loft

The Warehouse Loft
411 New York Ave.  NE  
Washington DC

Friday July 29th
10pm 1am

Having just celebrated it's 3 Year Anniversary last month, Loda is officially DC's longest running party for Forward thinking music lovers....Join us for another addition of Loda @ The Loft on Friday July 29th!

Featuring 2 Rooms of Heavy Hitters......Bringing you the very best in Drum & Bass, Future Garage, 2-Step, Dubstep & Breaks


Expansion Broadcast, Deep, 3D Productions - DC

2Tuff - DC

RAY CASIL, I ♥ Bass - DC

Lowercase-Music, Deep, 88 Music, Noisy Meditation, UnitOvOne, Testflight Recordings, Rubik Records, Absys Records - DC

Translation Recordings - DC

Dirtbox Radio, EXBC, 3D - DC


Noisy Meditation, SoulChampion - DC

(Leave Bad Vibes & Glowsticks at Home)

411 LOFT
18+ | 10pm - 4am | $5 All Night Long
411 New York Ave NE DC | 3rd Floor | Apt. Side


Tattoo Bar
1413 K St.  NW
Washington DC

Has this DC Heat got you Delirious? We got the cure for that!

So, not only will be serving you the regular doseage of 80's and 90s mixes and mashes hand picked for your weekly "fixé" but we will are giving some extra love to 90s music this week. Call it an homage to commemorate those pure, to purely FILTHY wayward years of the 90's! You KNOW the ones we're talking how Elizabeth Berkley went from awkward Jessie Spano
 on Saved by the Bell to Slutty Vegas Stripper Nomi Malone in Showgirls....yeah! That stuff! :D

Also in line with this weeks theme, DJ Benny C and I are goin' down to Alphabet St. on K St. and giving it up for the little guy who made 2000-zero-zero so much fun for us all! This week we are featuring the hits of his purple majesty, Mr. Purple Rain himself, driving his Little Red Corvette, watchin' Darling Nikki- the one, the only, the Controversy-Prince!

Beat the Heat this week with our Drink Specials:

$1 Ketel One Cocktails at the bar 10-11pm
Special Champagne Open Bar Midnight-12:30

VIP Table and Full Bottle Service Available
Special Ketel One Packages including Champagne and Tattoo Bull Energy Drink start at $150

We are located blocks in between 2 Metro stops Farragut and McPherson Sq.


REMEMBER to RSVP for FREE GUEST LIST Entry until 11pm (to avoid $5 cover) and enjoy our drink specials and also have access to the private 2nd floor VIP lounge to:

Guest List Closes Wednesday at 4pm!!!!!!

So this Wednesday, Come on down where its cool inside, the people are hot and the music is the deal! We are pulling out all the stops so you can party like it's 1999! Come experience what's been called, "an audio visual tour de force". DC's Hottest Retro-sexual Dance Party Bringing back the 80s and 90s in style- every Wednesday - Retro•Fixé @ Tattoo Bar 1413 K street NW

See you There!
Your Host,

Nikolas R. Groshans

Questions? Have a special event? Want to make a Reservation? Guest List?

Next Wednesday 8/3 -Preparty for a sexy and sultry nite, as Retro•Fixé proudly welcomes the DC Kings AND The Gurly Show Burlesque to their new space at Tattoo !!! Doors open at 9pm - Showtime at 9:45 DJ Benny C presents New Order VS. Depeche Mode VS. The Cure and MORE!!!!


2417 18th St.  NW
Washington DC

Thursday July 28
10pm - 2am

Yes, SHORTS is back for one last hurrah at Asylum before they close! SHORTS is the party where only one rule applies: you have to wear shorts to get in. No one in pants, tights, dresses, or anything but genuine SHORTS will be allowed to walk through Asylum's door.

Key features:
-Room full of awkward knees
-Ball pit
-$20 bottles of champagne
-CRUNKCAKES: cupcakes that get you crunk
-Gavin will definitely play Spin Doctors

Evidence of past debauchery here:

No cover / 21+ / fun

Saturday, July 23, 2011



Create 3D Drawings Using a Giant "Etch-a-Sketch"
MAY 10 - AUGUST 31
Upper Town Hall

Sketch3D is an interactive, integrated software/hardware system that enables users to create their own anaglyphic 3D drawing using a giant "Etch-a-Sketch".
Anaglyph images, like those created using the Sketch3D  "Etch-a-Sketch" installation, are used to provide a stereoscopic 3D effect, when viewed with two color 3D glasses (each lens is chromatically opposite color, commonly red and cyan). Images are made up of two color layers, superimposed, but not offset with respect to each other to produce a depth effect. usually the main subject is in the center, while the foreground and background are shifted laterally in opposite directions. The picture contains two differently filtered colored images, one for each eye. When viewed through the 3D glasses, the reveal a stereoscopic image.

Thievery Corporation LIVE

Just Announced 

w/ The Arkives - The Funk Ark - Volta Bureau (DJ SET)

Saturday Aug 20
at the
Kastles Stadium at the Warf

Charles Sandison : Rage, Love, Hope and Despair

The Corcoran Gallery of Art
500 17th St.  NW
Washington DC

NOW- AUG 14th
$10 entry

Using darkness as his canvas and language as his medium, Scottish-born artist Charles Sandison is known for creating hypnotic digital projections that fill galleries and cover architectural facades. Throughout his work, Sandison explores relationships among such diverse disciplines as history, philosophy, linguistics, mathematics, and science through technology-based media and visual projection. For Rage, love, hope, and despair, Sandison generated computer code to simulate patterns of human behavior. Utilizing color-coded texts to represent different emotions or physical states, the installation becomes a dense sea of words that move in response to each other. Texts float across gallery walls and words explode like supernovae in the darkened space. The rhythmic movements of the vocabulary that Sandison selected and programmed—‘hate’ chases ‘love’ and ‘love’ breeds ‘life,’ for example—reveal what the artist calls an “emotional dialogue.” Surrounded by the poetic constellation of words, viewers are encouraged to find personal meaning in the fragmented narrative unfolding around them in the gallery.


Born in Scotland, Charles Sandison graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 1993. For the last 15 years Sandison has lived in Tampere, Finland, where he taught at the Tampere School of Art and Media between 1996 and 2001. He is primarily known for his word-based digital projections in which language moves and drifts in free-form, nonlinear systems over walls and architectural façades. These projects are often created for specific sites, such as Musée du Quai Branly and Musée d’Orsay in Paris, and the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. His work has been featured in over 40 solo exhibitions and is currently included in the Singapore Biennale 2011. Works by Sandison are in the collections of the Reina Sofia, Madrid; Kiasma, Helsinki; and Kunstmuseum Bonn.

The Etruscans: National Geographic Museum

1600 M st.  NW
Washington DC

Now- Sept 25 2011

Blessed with fertile land rich in minerals, a mild climate, and proximity to commercial routes, the Etruscan civilization reached its height in economic, political, and cultural power in the sixth century B.C. Although this society of seafarers, merchants, metallurgists, and farmers was ultimately absorbed by Roman expansion, the accomplishments of this ancient civilization contributed to the success of Rome and consequently to the collective history of the Western world.
More than 400 exhibit artifacts range from everyday domestic implements, tools and weaponry to jewelry and expertly executed sculptures. Visitors can explore spiritual beliefs, trade, and daily life in Etruria


Studio Theater on 14th st, has an awesome re-created musical murder-mystrey going on called POP!  Everyone knows I love Andy Warhol.  Pretty excited to see this!


The FactoryWarhol’s first studio space, called the Factory, was founded in January of 1964 in the fifth floor of an abandoned hat shop at 231 East 47th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenue, in New York City. Billy Name, a sometimes lover of Warhol’s and an artist and designer at the Judson Church (an experimental performance spaced used by performance artists and dancers), was determined to give Andy a fabulous work space, and painted the entire interior of the Factory silver, right down to the toilet bowl. The Factory was decorated with discarded furniture found on the streets; the most famous discovery was the circular furry red couch featured in many of Warhol’s films. The “Silver Factory” was home to many of Warhol’s films and screen tests, as well as Andy’s three-dimensional, photorealistic reproductions of boxes of Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Brillo Pads, and Mott’s Apple Sauce. This factory was known for its orgies, parties, and excessive drug use. It was here that Edie Sedgwick, Joe Dallesandro, and most of Warhol’s entourage first stumbled into his films.

In the winter of 1968 Andy moved the Factory to the sixth floor of 33 Union Square West. This Factory would be home to Warhol’s Christmas parties, many new films made on and off site, as well as a new series of commissioned pop-art portraits. This factory, though painted white, remained a safe-haven for Warhol’s superstars: artists, intellectuals, models, and druggies of importance. Warhol’s gang included Nico and Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground; Ultra Violet, a performance artist and patron of the arts; International Velvet, a teen-age model; and Paul Morrissey, Andy’s manager and film director. Other famous visitors included Bob Dylan, model Jane Forth, and Jack Kerouac. In the 1980’s Warhol moved his Factory to Madison Avenue between 32nd and 33rd Street. Today, 33 Union Square West is home to a sneaker retailer and office space. 

The Washington PostTheater review: ‘Pop!’ paints bold portrait of Warhol and his inner circle
By Peter Marks, Published: July 19

Absence is a tough concept to cover in a musical. We are far more conditioned for characters to sing to fill a void than for their melodic personalities to hover, enigmatically, in a theater’s negative space.
So for its novelty alone, Maggie-Kate Coleman and Anna K. Jacobs’s “Pop!” — a 90-minute musical tumble down the curious rabbit hole of artist Andy Warhol — is an intriguing and on occasion rousing evening, a bold and inventive attempt to give tuneful form to Warhol’s obsessive pursuit of the mundane.
.“Nothing gets noticed. Nothing is a story,” Warhol sings late in the proceedings at Studio Theatre, in the guise of actor Tom Story, his hair bleached and parted in trademark Warhol fashion. The idea that nothing is everything and everything is nothing is reinforced from the start of Studio’s 2ndStage production — skillfully assembled by director Keith Alan Baker — when Story, languorously examining a brown paper lunch bag, sings of its magical properties:
“If you have a paper bag / An empty paper bag / You can sell it for money / You can hang it on the wall / And people will love you.”
For this idiosyncratic investigation to have meaning, do you have to be on intimate terms with pop art? No, but a healthy intellectual interest in the roots of modern celebrity culture and one of its high priests would be very useful. The show is not so much biography as impressionistic social history, and, as a result, the format becomes a bit scattershot. Though it conjures figures from Warhol’s famous Manhattan studio, the Factory, such as Viva (Deborah Lubega) and Edie Sedgwick (Marylee Adams), “Pop!” tends to present them as exactly the sorts of crazy, 15-minutes-of-fame junkies you’d imagine. Their stories become redundant.
But Warhol is such a theatrically accommodating puzzle that the show locates its entertainingly eccentric pulse anytime it tries to offer insight into his persona. In “Pop!,” the songwriters posit that persona, which was also an aspect of his art, almost killed him. His habit of filling his own paper bag with the needy outcasts whom he turned into ’60s underground celebrities was a careless flirtation with disaster; the musical’s historical centerpiece is the night in June 1968 when he was shot and seriously wounded by one of his more psychotic hangers-on.
Presided over by the character of transsexual Warhol superstar Candy Darling (Matthew Delorenzo, in a remarkable transformation), the musical unfolds as a pseudo-detective story, the members of the Factory “family” being the prime suspects. The regulars embodied here also include Ondine (Sean Maurice Lynch) and Gerard Malanga (Luke Tudball). Like the volatile gallery of presidential hit people of Stephen Sondheim’s “Assassins,” the Factory stars over the course of the evening reveal most of the desperate depths of their narcissism.
The nuttiest character is Valerie Solanas, a hyper-militant feminist and leader of the Society for Cutting Up Men, who wants Warhol to publish her play, the elegantly titled “Up Your [Expletive].” In her portrayal of the embittered Valerie, Rachel Zampelli establishes herself as a force: It’s a riveting, utterly convincing turn. Scowling under her newsboy’s cap, Zampelli’s Valerie becomes an inferno of entitlement, expressed blazingly in the rocking, anti-patriarchal “Big Gun,” the evening’s strongest number. You understand completely where imbalance will lead her.
As the submissive-seeming Warhol, the talented Story takes full advantage of his best role in a long time. The surface meekness, the voice reeking of mild disinterest here mask a far more determined and insecure creature whom Story expertly connotes. Barging in on a trio of abstract expressionists — the celebrated postwar art movement that pop art upended — Story stares one of them up and down. “I’m a huge fan of your work,” he declares. “It looks so easy and fun.”
It’s a great line, delivered with deadly sweetness, a moment that exposes a crack in the facade. The idea of a fissure also serves to illuminate Warhol’s relationships in “Pop!” with Edie, Candy and company, for what he wants from them is diametrically opposed to their desire to milk Warhol for material comfort and lasting renown. “Do I look like a silk screen to you?” Candy exclaims, indignantly, in response to Warhol’s plaintive refrain: “But I made you art.”
The art itself is in evidence on a set by Giorgos Tsappas that includes a red sofa like the secondhand one that famously adorned Warhol’s studio. It is dramatically lighted by Colin K. Bills and dominated by large screens, on which Erik Trester’s images of Warhol’s works are projected. (The audience enters through an art-strewn vestibule that seems to be modeled on the Factory.)
Costume designer Ivania Stack gives us a go-go fashion show, doling out dazzling miniskirts and hot pants, for instance, to Adams’s Edie and Lubega’s Viva. While Jacobs’s conventional music is not particularly evocative of the period, it has the required sass, and Adams and Lubega contribute vivaciously to the score’s effectiveness.
“Pop!” loses some of its, er, pop, when it lingers for too long on the least interesting question it asks: Who shot Andy Warhol? When it’s engaged in the more challenging task of sorting out Warhol’s motivations, the enterprise becomes more than easy and fun. It becomes significant.

Legg Mason Tennis Classic 2011

This is always an event to attend!  Check out the details and events.

July 30-Aug 7
3 of the top players in the world are confirmed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Artist Tribute Exhibition 2

Irvine Contemporary Gallery
1412 14th Street NW

Saturday July 23, 2011 
6pm - 8pm

Show Description: This summer marks the 10th anniversary of Irvine Contemporary and over 5 years at the 14th Street gallery location. They will be moving out of their gallery space on August 30th, and want to conclude our time on 14th Street by celebrating our artists and recognizing the community that has been the life of the gallery at this location. Artists include: Shepard Fairey, Gaia, Melissa Ichiuji, Hedieh Ilchi, Akemi Maegawa, Sebastian Martorana, Alexa Meade, Susana Raab, Kerry Skarbakka, and Oliver Vernon.

Opening will include special events a grand finale celebration on 14th Street.


The Metascematizons - ONE NIGHT ONLY!!

July 22nd, 6-9pm, one night only!
Morton Fine Art, 1781 Florida Ave NW

THE METASCHEMATIZONS explores the ever present possibility of transformation. The Boys introduce themselves in their first show together as a tribe of beings coping with flux. Commemorative of the collective experience of coming out, the work unearths the nuances inherent to the experience while galvanizing the emotional stridency of this milestone.

Exhibiting Artists:
Nicholas Abriola
Armando López Bircann
Christopher Cunetto
René Mauricio Medrano
Jason Edward Tucker
and Chris Walker

ELectric Relaxation: Sunsets By The Pool

Liaison Hotel: Roofdeck and Pool

415 New Jersey Ave. NW
Washington, DC

Thursday  7pm - 12am

Summer rolls on pretty hot, and I am happy to have had a bit
of unique inspiration in Miami. Saw my buddy Toto G rockin some really dope Tropicalia and other spicy sounds and also got a vintage vinyl vibe from Lumin down there as well. Lookin forward to bringing you the goods again!!! See you this week

Music and Love by DJ Adrian Loving

Time is 7pm-11pm (perhaps later)

Drink Specials and friendly staff.
No Lines, No Drama, Just fun!!

See you at 7pm!

Hotel info and directions!​hington-DC-Hotel.aspx?name​=Liaison-Capitol-Hill&page​=Rooftop-Pool


I found out about this band while at Toyland bar a couple of months ago, they are freakin SWEET and I try to spread the word on their gigs as much as I can!  This is sure to be an awesome show.

Thursday July 21, 12am - 3pm

M.P and Emi living in the 21st century making people dance making people smile with their music. Say "Bon Voyage" as they take on the new trip to Canada!

They make music like the way we make an airplane with paper. They play music like the way we fly a paper airplane.

They will be playing on the dance floor - plenty of room to dance it out!

Listen to their music:​b68

Cost: FREE - but really you should hydrate and come ready to dance - okay?

1460 Wall Mountables Installation

DC Arts Center
2438 18th St NW

Wednesday, July 20 at 3:00pm - July 22 at 6:00pm

Come claim a space for 1460 Wallmountables. It's first come first serve. Bring your own hanging equipment. Remember your peice can't be larger that 2' x 2' square.

Installation times are as follows:
Wednesday, July 20 from 3-8pm
Thursday, July 21 from 3-8pm
& Friday, July 22 from 3-6pm

You need to buy your spaces before you can hang your art.
Non-members $15 each square.
Members get one square free, and $10 after that.
New members get four spaces for $30 (you must be a new member not a current member that is renewing).
Limit is 4 spaces per Artist.


As you know a heat wave has hit us AGAIN here in DC.  And they are saying it will not let up for another week or so!  Temperatures can be as high as 121!  yeah get ready to be cooled off.  DC is known for our humid summers and this is gonna be hell.

PETA on the National Mall

PETA debuts a graphic new exhibit today on the National Mall. "Glass Walls" derives its title from the Paul McCartney line, "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian."
Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton will be on-hand for today's launch.
The exhibit will be up through Sept. 3, showcasing similarities between historic oppressions of human beings and the current exploitations of animals. The Natural History Museum’s depictions of slavery in the South are used as a comparison to animal cruelty and oppression.
"Child labor, human slavery, and the oppression of women all came to be opposed by our society, thanks to the passion and hard work of human rights activists," said PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk.
"We hope that PETA's display will help people see that nonhuman animals suffer today just as humans once did, and that we can all make small changes in our lives to help make animal oppression a thing of the past," she said.
The exhibit's six large, double-sided panels show graphic images, including what happens to animals in leather trade and scientific experimentation. Some images may be too graphic for children, such as elephants in shackles, skinned animals, and overcrowding conditions for pigs and chickens.
The first panel includes a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
The exhibit is located across from the Museum of Natural History (Madison Ave. N.W. between Ninth and 12th). The first 500-1,000 visitors each day will receive a free DVD of McCartney's documentary about the meat industry, also titled "Glass Walls."

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mambo sauce

Mambo sauce started here in DC.  Found mostly in carryout restaurants throughout the city.  If you don't know what Mambo sauce is well your shit out of luck!  SIKE  But those who grew up in in DC mostly predominately African-Americans know this all to well.  Looks like Mambo sauce is about to take off national with a company based out of Annapolis MD.