Wednesday, April 20, 2011


**Friday, April 29th -- 9pm**

Come to TOYLAND - H St. NE
Be prepared. To be destroyed. By our music.


THE NOBIS (JAPAN) -- Emmy & MP surviving in the 21st Century making people smile and making people dance with their music.

LENORABLE (DC) -- An attempt to match the best elements of post-punk with the sonic depth of electronic beats. Using synthesizers and drum loops with live guitars and abrasive lyrics, Lenorable creates a new brand of electro goth rock lovingly dubbed "Gothwave."

BAKE SALE (VA/DC) -- A sound that can be described as reverb-ed out indie rock with a dash of surf and punk rock. The band strives to make music that is fun to listen to and also to put on a good show. Bake Sale is currently self recording their debut LP which is expected to be finished by early spring 2011.

**Most Importantly**
Our special guest MC will be Jian Deleon.
Not to be confused with Celine Dion.

421 H Street NE Washington DC 20002
(202) 450-4075

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