Wednesday, September 21, 2011

International Dining in DC : Ulah Bistro

1214 U St.  NW
Washington DC

OK, a couple months ago I did a post on some of the top spots to get Mac-n-Cheese here in DC.  Well I finally went and tried Ulah, after much fanfare.  We got seated immediately on a Friday night on U Street go figure, Outside dining on U street is the best, perfect people watching.  So I finally tried the mac.  HOLLY HELL.  This has to be the best mac ever which was my appetizer.  I then ordered the Lamb which was so good it totally fell off the bone, it was glazed with something sweet can't remember but it was so good, came with small pieces of bread and under the lamb was a pond of pasta noodles.  this is a must to go back and try the brunch.  I give Ulah four **** stars out of five.

Mac n Cheese with corn bread

The wait staff was very friendly and told me what she liked and what the restaurant was known for or what their main dish was.  Which I ordered.  The rest rooms were clean and plenty of space to find a table.  All very good reviews.

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