Monday, June 4, 2012

Macy's & Brazil

Macy's is doing some kind of VERY large contest where you can win a trip to Brazil and the store downtown is decked out in Brazilian Fashion and colors!  It's amazing just walking through the store.


  1. That is so cool! I'd love to go to Brazil, for free!

  2. I am a retired teacher. I have taught both high & middle school for twenty three years. I enjoy traveling to other countries. I visited Egypt two years
    ago, and India last year. But one month ago my niece was diagnosis with third stage lung & lymph node cancer. I can no longer financially travel this year. Brazil is such a beautiful country, and would love to travel there for my vacation.
    Elzada Azikiwe

  3. I am Jackie R. After my son turned 9 yrs. I got married to a brazilian man. Then after 2 years of being married we, my son, my husband, and me moved to Brazil.
    I tell you is a beautiful country. And no matter what you are everybody carries a beautiful smile on their faces.
    My son went to school for almost 2 years in Brazil. It only took him 3 months to learn how to speak perfect portuguese.
    After 2yrs. we came back to Florida. Now my son is 18 yrs. on his second and a half year of college, (he took AP classes in high school so he did his last year of high school together with his first year of college) his a great person, excellent human being, and most of all my best friend, who makes me proud day by day.
    I would loved to win a trip to Brazil , I'll give it to him as a gift.