Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hipster: MODA for MEN

Hipsters: What's your take on a male hipster?  This is my take, well from what I see around here in DC.

 I've seen some fucked up haircuts, actually the girl across from my apartment half her head is shaved and other side is long.  I so did that back in 1990.
 This guy is really not a hipster, it's a hot trannymess trying to be a hipster.  DON'T DO IT
 Those psychedelic colored shirts are so 1988 Deadhead feeling.  the bushy hair a nest, trim that.
Don't you want me baby!  1982 is calling, they want their sunglasses back at night and their flock of seagull hair back.
 Totally not a hipster!  trying a little to hard.
The All time head hipster.
 Ok these are maybe freshman in college or redneck hipsters.
Fashion road kill, my the designer fashions they don't know if they are cool or ultra cool because they re wearing designer hipster wear, (aka) all their rent for this month.

Hipster takeover. from Jessica Lehrman on Vimeo.

This is what I think of hipsters.  Take it or leave it!

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