Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Cough Cough.  More moda for men news in the headlines for DC.  Fashion is coming forward in Georgetown is seems as of late.  More and more stores are closing only to be replaced by more higher end store while the others flee to the malls or to Chinatown.  This time we look at two new stores moving in right next to each other.

Brooks Brothers the classic American men's wear clothier of preppy prep fashion will be opening in the former Pottery Barn in Georgetown on 3077 M St.  NW off of 31st.

In other news, right next door it seems as though MAC is closing it's doors and RAG + BONE will be taking their place.  RAG + BONE is a mucho expensive store for you fashionastas.  Mind you a plain t-shirt will throw you back $85.

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