Friday, April 19, 2013


Step into another world...

Join us this Saturday at a spot that will take your mind to another place. This will not be your typical night, this will be an experience.

Sax Lounge offers nightly continuous entertainment on their elevated infinity stage. Guests can expect performances from burlesque, acrobatic pole, theatrical ballet to other alluring performances throughout the evening. 

Your experience at Sax will begin with very friendly and courteous staff. The venue offers tapas and various appetizers until midnight. Table reservation is not necessary, but is encouraged to guarantee the admission. Please come earlier to ensure entrance before Sax hits capacity. Dress your best and avoid sportswear.

♫ Music ♫
European and Top40 House Beats

☗ Admission: Everyone 21+ ☗


Tables are just $75 min per person, with your choice of food, drinks or bottles.

- 2 of each (Jack Daniels, Makers Mark, Jamison) $450
- 2 of each (Stoli, Tanqueray, Bacardi Light, Capt. Morgan) $475
- 2 of each (Patron Silver, Crown Royal, Hennesy VS) $550
- 2 of each (Kettle One, Belvedere) $560
- 2 of each (Bombay Sapphire, Hendricks) $565
- 2 of each (Johnny Walker Black) $595
- 2 of each (Grey Goose, Corzo Reposado) $600
plus many more brands! (mix and match anyway you like)

For table reservation or more info:
☎ 571-249-EURO or 703-869-0929 ☎

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