Tuesday, July 24, 2012

International Dining in DC : Shake Shack

THE 202 loves eating out and we have almost forgot to show you our love for places to eat in Washington DC with our reviews.  This is my most recent and I will keep you updated. 

1216 18th St.
Washington DC

Stopping into Shake Shack on 18th and Conn Ave., It's a must for people wanting a burger and those damn yummy crispy fries, The milk shakes are small but are wonders!!  

This time I ordered two burgers (Yeah I was feeling like a fat girl) and fries and a vanilla shake, now mind you if you order the chocolate shake it's REALLY dark chocolate, you'll be tasting the after effects for hours!!  HAHA

Once walking in your overwhelmed by the menu on the wall, and they serve wine and beer!! YUM!  

The seating is in the back, walking along the wall you can see into the kitchen and see what's happening!  The seats are made from an old bowling alley from the flooring.  kinda neat-o huh!! also in the back are large TV screens showing sports.  

I love Shake Shack I will defiantly be coming back!

This is a great addition to all the burger places in DC popping up and a little piece of NYC right here in DC.  The feeling is cafeteria/NYC !!  love it or hate it.

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  1. Brian, thanks so much for visiting Shake Shack. It always makes us happy to hear feedback like yours.

    Our DC team can't wait to see you again soon at the Shack!

    -Brandy, Shake Shack