Thursday, November 28, 2013


Pilgrims and Turkeys,

On Friday November 29th, there will be a special celebration in honor of FRIENDSHIP! Join us, as we give each other the honor of, well, each other! But it wouldnt be a feast without the 'Columbus of Berlin', the 'John Smith of Sexico', the one and only HECTOR (Desolat, Berlin). Hector has blessed us many a time, with his unstoppable groove and this appearance which will go late into the morning, until the turkeys come out, will only solidify what we all know. This man is BEASTING! Jubilee and Raffi will accompany Hector with their one of a kind DC swing.

See you all there, lets celebrate us!


Presented by 88, Deep Secrets, Sunglass Sundays, Liam Egan, Justin Hutto and Nomad.

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