Sunday, May 12, 2013

International Dining in DC: Logan Tavern (Brunch)

1423 P St.  NW
Washington DC

First ones in the place the staff was still having a meeting!  Doors were open and people were starting to come in!  First thing is keep the doors locked if your still in a meeting, and don't keep us waiting and wondering what's going on!  As soon as we walked in we should have been seated not wait 10 minutes while you finish the staff meeting!  Customers come first!

After the meeting finished up we were seated and service was picking up and more people walking in!  slow at first but he made up with a free coffee!  So pictures below of what we ordered!

"Best" French Toast w. carmel pecan sauce and bacon

Chorizo & Avocado Omelet

I usually come here for dinner or lunch, but I wasn't impressed with the brunch!  I will keep coming back for dinner!

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