Monday, March 25, 2013

Salad War: Chop't Vs. SweetGreen

Salad War


OK you hipster salad eating health crazed nuts of DC!  Listen up.  Some of you rabbits love to say how good one or the other is!  Well I was one of you before I saw the light and tasted and tried out both stores.  Yes if you can't tell I love salads!

Let's start with the price and size of your salad you get!  Depending if you get more toppings you will pay more or if you just pick the regular salads they have listed you will pay a small fee.

Sweetgreen is charging 11-12$ per salad.  I usually get the Guacamole greens or kale Cesar.  
Chop't is going on 8$ for my Cesar salad.  



The size is incomparable.  Looks like Chop't wins that in size and price!

The style of the restaurants is about the same!  Sweet green comes out on top with more of a organic feeling with the greens and woody chairs and counters.  
Chop't just goes with the green and white! metal tables and chairs.  Chop't is more focused on the food then the decor of the restaurant, and I'm fine with that!

You come in order your food, they chop it up , large, medium or all the way chop't up!  I love it you get two small pieces of pita bread!

SweetGreen I feel like it's a factory of long lines and people pointing and spitting over the counter into my organic food!!  not so much organic anymore huh!!  GERMS  finally get your food and you get a large piece of peasant bread it seems and then you pay 8$ for a SweetGreen little ass juice box that was pressed right in the store from organic fruits and veggies!!  give me a break!  If it doesn't have a USDA Organic sticker on it, it's not ORGANIC u numb nuts!  

While SweetGreen is a local brand and expanding so much, Chop't has a limited number of stores and they are based out of NYC

So My pick out of the Salad war is going to be Chop't  The prices and size of the bowl of food is awesome and you can't get much better then that.  I could care less about the decor or the space!

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