Thursday, March 14, 2013


Music by:
•Julietta (Harry Klein / Sushitech / Half Baked - Munich / DE)
•'R n B' (Benoit Benoit / Rosario)
•DJ Nav (Love Revolution / Noisy Meditation)

New attitude + new location + new sound by Gary +
= Love.

After hours to be announced at the know the deal

Pre-sale tickets:

Deep Secrets is striving to build a community of creative individuals through deep and soulful sound waves infectiously projected by local, national and international house music deejays. A collective of enlightened people awakened to the knowledge of vibrational power, Deep Secrets is dedicated to connect you to the beauty and energy of others as individuals, to our city as a community, and the universe as a whole.

To help you connect before Saturday, we have teamed up with Hinge, a terrific local company recently launched in DC. If you don't have Hinge on your iPhone yet, go get it free in the App Store: We are very excited to be a Hinge Featured Event and to help you connect with your new crush. Anyone who's also coming to DEEP SECRETS on Saturday at Malmaison will be prioritized in your list of potential matches. 

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