Friday, September 14, 2012

MODA for MEN (Fashion of past & present Fall 2012)

Fashion for Fall 2012

The designers this year look like they are turning to yesteryear's with old school long trench coats and wools, ties under the sweater and the preppy look.  Very dapper indeed.  

Take a look over some images I found for your liking!  I took some old photos from great sports men of the past and put them in with fashion forward fall fashion for men in 2012.  When I saw the colors and jackets/coats it reminded me of these fellas.

Jack Dempsey (1920's fashion)

The four horsemen (1920's)

The four horse men (1920's)

Joe Louise (1920's)

Joe Louise (1920's)

Those images are from the 1920's and 30's
here is what is on fashion runways of 2012, look familiar?

Gap 2012 fall

Tommy Hilfiger (fall 2012)

Military colors and coats

J. Crew (Fall 2012)




  1. It seems that the current trend is being inspired by looks from yesteryear. However, I would beg to differ that the "high waters" is not an accurate description. The trousers are still the same length, but rolled up to allow men to express their unique style by showing their stylish socks. This is a trend that has been carried over from 2011/2012.

  2. Fashion is an evolution, hence, it never stops. There is no end to designers' ideas because fashion is limitless. In fact, flares and mid shirts, which are starting to come out in public and are usually worn by teens, are so 70's and 80's.

  3. Your top picture is not Jack Dempsey, it is Max Schmeling, who was also heavyweight champion.