Sunday, September 16, 2012

ART 17 Presents: Brian Petro

Coldwell Banker Dupont
1606 17th St.  NW
Washington DC

Brian Petro – Coldwell Banker shows – 
September 20 and 22, 2012 

“I have difficulty standing still, sitting still, or even sleeping still. From abstract watercolors and beeswax on canvas and paper, to images printed on bricks, to aggressive construct works, to tranquil still-lifes, my artwork is a reflection of my inability to stay focused. Sometimes I get grief for this, but, that’s just the way I am.” – brian petro
Educated in Sports Medicine, Brian practiced in the corporate realm for 6 years only to understand that creatingartwork was his true passion. Although even as a child he had always created artworks of complexity and quality, it wasn’t until several years into—what he refers to as—his “office job” that he began to self-educate himself on materials, methods, and processes of art creation. During the last 2 years working in the corporate realm during the day, he’d amble off to a studio in a “seedy and undesirable” area of Philadelphia until the very early hours of the mornings and throughout weekends. Once his work had become recognized locally, and was offered a show at one of Philadelphia’s most respected galleries, he decided to quit the office, and allowed himself one and a half years to see if he could “make the art thing happen.” This season celebrates his 16th year as a professional artist. Brian is self-taught, and he continues to teach himself through experimentation with materials and direct observation of artwork in public and private collections.

This show at Coldwell Banker presents many styles by the artist, and serves as a mini-retrospective of his professional years of creating Art. Some of the artworks included will be works inspired by; street hustlers and the urban sale of flesh, hand-built wooden wall sculptures inspired by paint spattered clothing he purchased off the back of a city alley muralist, tranquil abstracts made with soft watercolor washes and molten beeswax, and festive and exuberant images of produce and retro styled price markings. Featured in the show will be his fresh “Supermarket Series” which was birthed while he lived in New York City over the last few years. His experience living there offered him a fascinating clash between the placid, rural upbringing of his youth in Pennsylvania, and the rough urbanity of the frenetic and gritty environment of the craziest city in the world. Petro decided to examine his view of still life through sensuality, darkness, and mirth of produce in the urban realm.

The artist will be present to answer any inquires.

Brian is represented by galleries throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region, and is collected internationally and some of his commissioned clients include Absolut Vodka, The Ritz Carlton Hotels, Saks Fifth Avenue, IBM, and The Library of Congress. The artist has been published in regional and national news magazines and newspapers, and he and his work have been featured on several television shows.

For a deeper presentation of his artwork and philosophies, please search “Brian Petro Artist” on YouTube to view a 12 minute documentary.

Light fare and beverages will be provided during the event.

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