Monday, April 16, 2012

Dance in the Park

Dupont is more than just a(n annoying and confusing) traffic circle -- it's a meeting place for locals, students, foodies and tourists... and the site of the Official Dupont Circle Snowball Fight. Yes, all capital letters!
In the Circle Productions, the masterminds behind events such as the snowball battle and Soccer in the Circle, will introduce their next production, Dance in the Circle, on Saturday, April 21.
The six-hour dance festival (3-9 p.m.) is open to all ages and free to the public. Show off your dance moves or learn how to dance from one of the 10 companies that will be offering instruction on a variety of dance styles.
The dance floor will be located at the center of the circle near the iconic fountain, and a team of DJs will supply the music -- and not a snowball in sight. 
In advance of this weekend's big event, a happy  hour fundraiser -- with dancing aplenty -- will take over Eighteenth Street Lounge (1212 18th St. NW) on Wedesnday from 6 to 10 p.m.

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