Wednesday, October 22, 2014

International Dining in DC: District Kitchen

2606 Connecticut Ave.  NW
Washington DC  20008

I haven't done a restart review in a long time, so heres to picking back up.  So I planned to meet a bunch of friends for District Kitchens Brunch.  I have passed by this place several times and saw signs for unlimited mimosa and thought I'd check it out.

Arriving the place was filled with four tables of people it was quite and calm.  little did we know the Marriott around the corner was doing some kind of expo with high school kids.. thats when hell broke loose.  I don't think the staff was well equipped for what was about to happen.  The restaurant got packed and VERY loud.  the walls are bare brick so sound will echo, well it was kind of unbearable at times I couldn't even hear the person next to me talking.  

Upon ordering we all told our waitress that we were doing the unlimited mimosas.  Well it's not so much unlimited when there is a 2 hour limit!!!  And We told our waitress to keep an eye on our table to keep filling us up.  she was overwelmed with all the tables she suddenly had two servers for the whole restaurant not a good idea for a Sunday.  We even asked if she could just leave a pitcher of mimosa on the table, that was against the liquor law or something she said.  either way she took forever to refill our drinks as we wanted to have a Sunday funday. 

The food was good, My eggs benedict was prepared right, unlike some other restaurants and the decor was old fashioned and rustic which brought me into this establishment. 

Over all my visit on a scale of 1-10 I have to give it a 4.  I probably will visit for dinner to see how the food is and see that night atmosphere. 

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