Tuesday, March 25, 2014

THURSTY (Science Club)

Science Club
1136 19th Street NW.  
Washington DC  20036

A-Ron the DJ is back in DC and returning to the old booth for THURSTY, a pleasant blend of Thursday-evening happy-hour tunes (and sometimes Saturday night) at Science Club. Come one, come all!! And don't forget to stick around for John Jazz from 8 to midnight!

Science Club opens at 3pm. Happy-hour goes from 4PM-8PM!

Pabst Blue Ribbon, Milwaukee $3.
Yuengling, Pennsylvania $4.
Samuel Smith Taddy Porter, Tadcaster $6.
Amstel Light, Amsterdam $5.

Sauvignon Blanc, Veramonte, Chile $5.50./$22.
Carmenere, Santa Rita 120, Chile $5.50./$22.
Rose, La Vieille, France $5.50./$22.
Spirits Regular Liquor $5.

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