Friday, October 11, 2013

International Dining in DC: Ted's Bulletin

1818 14th St.  NW
Washington DC

I have been waiting for this new location to open since hearing about it months ago!  I rarely trek over to Cap Hill, so this is much better being down the street from me!  Ok, so this location is much bigger and lots more room!  LOTS!  I love the front bar area, you can also grab a bit there as well like the old location, but then they have more stools inside the dining room area which makes it look like a diner!  the dining room area is roomy with lots of sunlight and windows, unlike the original location they have a skylight only!  The one thing you must must must do is stop by the bakery to check out the doughnuts and pop tarts!!!  they have a separate entrance just for the bakery if you are running in and out real quick.  I love everything about Ted's down to the old movies they play on the televisions with tin foil on the antenna.  the atmosphere is 40-50s diner with polish seating and old school chairs!  

Check out any of the locations.

bar entrance/side

Main entrance

The Menu

Front Bar

Dining room

Eggs and hash brown w/ fruit

The walk of shame breakfast burrito

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