Thursday, September 26, 2013


Come out and play! Help us transform a beautiful urban park into a magical, family-friendly, artists' playground! 

September 28-29
11am-5pm both days

FIGMENT is a world created by the artists and participants who bring their imaginations to life. You can expect art and activities in every medium available – especially the art and activities that YOU bring!

Anacostia Park, eh? That's a big place. Where do I go?

If you type in "Anacostia Park, Section E, Washington, DC" into your phone or GPS (use Google Maps), it should show you the spot. It's where the road ends and the trees begin. There's also an awesome roller rink on site!

FIGMENT DC may provide limited transportation for FIGMENT participants from the metro, and there is some parking on site.

Come join us and help us demonstrate what the arts can be: participatory, bursting with creativity, and completely free.

Let's repeat that. It's free! FIGMENT is a free, non-profit, non-commercialized, family-friendly event. We want YOU there with your games and colorful outfits and smiles, because YOU are a part of FIGMENT.

Not sure how to participate? Please consider volunteering! We need hands to help make the magic happen. Sign up here:

To learn more, please check out our website at

There you'll find information about how to make the best of your FIGMENT experience. The website has a ton of great information about how you can submit a project and participate, what you should bring, what you can expect once you get there, and all sorts of other useful information.

We recommend that you bring:
Drinking water
Food, snacks, and anything else you want for a picnic.
Sun protection
Rain protection
Any necessary medications
Roller Skates

Please do not bring:
Illegal drugs

FIGMENT is completely fueled off of the energy of volunteers like you. We're always looking for people interested in joining the FIGMENT planning team. If you'd like to learn more, contact us at

We are also completely dependent on the generosity of our supporters and participants. Please consider making a donation today:

Join the Mailing List and stay up to date with all FIGMENT happenings around town:

Here's a Google Map link to the site:

What are YOU bringing?

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