Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Ultimate Breakfast-Brawl

Fathom Creative wants YOU to compete in …“The Ultimate Breakfast Brawl”

The universal question looms…at breakfast time, "Are you more a Pancake or a Waffle?" Well, the opportunity to voice your opinion has arrived!

Step 1: Rock Your Vote

Think you’re more pancake? Simply vote here by clicking “like” the #TeamPancake image. More a Waffle? Then “like” the image for #TeamWaffle … IT’S THAT EASY!

Step 2: Compete To Win

Mama always said, “Don’t play with your food.” Well, now’s your chance to get creative! Between August 15th – September 15th, we want YOU to show us your unique, different, and “out-of-the-(mix)box” spin on these basic breakfast classics (think the Leaning Tower of Pancake or Little Waffle Cabin in the Woods).

Submit your photos to Fathom Creative over Facebook, Twitter (@fathomcreative), or Instagram (@fathomcreative) using the hashtags #BreakfastBrawl combined with either #TeamPancake or #TeamWaffle.

After this 4-week battle, the winner will receive a champagne brunch with 9 friends catered by Commissary DC (@CommissaryDC) and the Fathom Gallery (@FathomGallery).

Good Luck & May the Best Breakfast Win

Why are we doing this? Click below to find out more and follow our journey:

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